Interzone Lives! 8-3-12

Your presence is hereby mandated under authority of the Emergency Fun Act of 2012 at the following point in spacetime. Failure to comply will carry penalties as described under subsection C, paragraph 666.

INTERZONE is every FIRST FRIDAY at STUDIO ON 4TH, near downtown Reno, NV.

Confused? Me too! Yet here we are.
And it will be BRILLIANT if we all hold on tight.

DJs Endif, TV1, and Hyperkarma emit a constant flawless stream of bittersweet dance music all night.

Eighties to now - goth, industrial, indie-dance, alternative, electro, EDM, whatever. You know what we play, and we know you love it, so join us for your monthly dose of awesome.


The cover will be reduced to $3 to celebrate the move to our new-old-new home back at STUDIO ON 4TH!