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"Type in the name of a COMPANY, your LAWMAKER or a prominent INDIVIDUAL, and see how they're influencing the political system."

Eliminationism and the 'Right'.

First, what we're actually talking about.

"Eliminationism is the belief that one's political opponents are "a cancer on the body politic that must be excised — either by separation from the public at large, through censorship or by outright extermination — in order to protect the purity of the nation"

Has the self identified 'left' engaged in this as well? Some.

But not to the degree where it is the central thrust of their narrative.
That 'honor' would belong to the self identified 'right'.

A few glaring recent examples on video from mainstream media, to which I can keep adding and adding and adding since there's a constant stream of it:

And here's a lovely steaming pile of quotes:


A few indisputable instances where right wing eliminationist rhetoric has resulted directly (unlike Loughner, where the influence was indirect, but present) in lone wolf terrorism or killings:

Chad Castagana - fake anthrax - Freeper

Army of God (fake anthrax letters, etc)

Byron Williams (who specifically targeted the Tides foundation, etc, and specifically cites Beck as his inspiration)

The Hutaree ( 9 members arrested - attempted cop killing in hopes of sparking a civil war)

Scott Roeder (Tiller Killer)

And what list would be complete without the big bopper of lone wolf right wing terrorists, Timothy McVeigh?He's from the 90's wave of the same eliminationist rhetoric, but everything old is new again, apparently. http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/mcveigh/mcveightrial.html

Pretending that it's not happening is the epitome of intellectual dishonesty.
Continuing to cover it up or support it, regardless of source, makes you part of the problem.
A problem that, left un-checked, will result in more violence and ultimately in civil war.

Ask the Tutsis, they'll tell you all about it.
Compiled once, saved for later use.

Chad Castagana - fake anthrax - Freeper

Unknown individual, IED at abortion clinic

Army of God (fake anthrax letters, etc)

Unknown individual, toxic powder to Dem campaign

Byron Williams

Richard Poplawski

James Von Brunn

The Hutaree ( 9 members arrested)

John Patrick Bedell

Joe Stack

Jim David Adkisson

Scott Roeder

David Robert McMenemy
(On 9-11-06, no less.)

James G. Cummings

Four suspects in Denver Obama assassination plot:

Paul Schlesselman

And just look at this epic list of right wing militias:

I triple dog dare you to find me a single non-right militia. Seriously, I've been looking.

And of course, no discussion of modern far right violence is complete without mentioning the big bopper, Timothy McVeigh.

In response to Japete


1. No. Background checks are essential. I gladly pay my $25 each time I buy a firearm.

2. The aforementioned background checks work quite well. Close the gunshow loophole so enforcement is universal.

3. Of course not.

4. Yes, because you routinely attempt to severely restrict or ban them at every opportunity.

5. You would have to engage law enforcement on an unprecedented scale to confiscate tens of millions of legally owned weapons. First there would be isolated bloodshed, then there would be civil war.

6. Sharron Angle meant that if she and her friends lose in November, that they should take up arms against their 'liberal' neighbors and the US government to gain power by force. She is far from alone in making this threat.

7. No, this is insane. She is insane. If they try, they will meet resistance from law enforcement, military, and armed citizens.

8. That depends on whether or not the individuals in question are liars and worthy of derision.

9. I do nothing online I wouldn't do in person.

10 This is very vaguely worded. If you mean 'any laws at all = bad', no, that's ridiculous.

11. For the most part, current US law is acceptable. It should be universally applied, though, from closing the gunshow loophole to universal reciprocation of concealed carry laws from state to state.

12. Loaded question. The VAST majority are responsible. Statistics between number of owners and weapons versus illegal incidents prove this.

13. You already lump EVERY gun incident together to try to prove your point, so this question is rather hilarious.

14. You should use individually broken out categories instead of lumped together numbers, as in 13.

15. Accidents as such are extremely rare. Most of what are called accidents are negligence.

16. Any deaths are too many. But again, you're putting ALL gun related deaths together. Some of those are negligent discharge, some are domestic violence, some suicides. Thousands are instances of law abiding individuals defending themselves. Intellectual dishonesty is no way to make a point.

17. Free training classes would help, much like sex education helps prevent sexually related tragedies. Proper operation and maintenance is important with anything that can have serious repercussions.

18 I think you use everything you post in service of your stated goal: severe curtailing if not outright banning of most firearms. As such, it's all suspect and must be verified before being accepted. Like anything else.

19. No, the ATF just enforces the law. When those laws infringe on the rights of citizens, as with the Clinton 'assault weapon' (a term you manufactured that actually means 'scary looking rifle') ban you folks got on the books in the 90's, the ATF becomes an instrument of oppression.

20 That depends on you. Are you willing to listen? Will you accept provable facts? Will you stop blaming a tool for the actions of its user? Will you stop using falsified data as in #13 in an attempt to prove your point?

Biofuels info, removed from profile.

I'm pretty hot for biofuels. Jen and I both burn b100 biodiesel in our vehicles, purchased from Allied Washoe here in Reno.

Hers, a 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD. Mine, a 2001 Isuzu NPR box truck (third of a million miles, and its just gettin' broke in!).

Obviously, we did and do a shit ton of research to come to this point where we're willing to 'risk' the expensive fuel systems in our vehicles.


Any plant that makes oil (soy, rapeseed, hemp, etc) can be turned into biodiesel in ones garage, though commercially made stuff is obviously better quality. This is how most bio-D is made today, in quantity, and any modern diesel can burn it with no modifications.

(And any diesel can be converted to run on pure vegetable oil for around $1500, allowing you to fuel up at your local mcdonalds.)

A lot of misinformation about ethanol circulates on the airwaves and the Internet, leaving consumers and opinion-makers confused about ethanol’s economic and environmental costs.

Let’s tackle three of the most common ethanol objections:

Producing ethanol isn’t energy efficient.
Numerous studies have shown that ethanol has a positive energy balance, particularly when compared with gasoline. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it takes 1.23 units of fossil energy to make one unit of gasoline31 – an energy cost of 23 percent. In contrast, corn ethanol delivers 20 to 50 percent more energy than it takes to produce, and cellulosic up to 600 percent more32. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says this: “For every BTU dedicated to producing [corn] ethanol, there is a 34 percent energy gain.”33

Ethanol is expensive to produce.
Producing corn ethanol in the U.S. currently costs about $1.50 to $1.60 per gallon, but it is produced for significantly less elsewhere. In an article from fall 2005, the Rocky Mountain Institute pointed out that Brazilian ethanol was selling in New York for $1.10 a gallon, despite an import tariff of 54 cents a gallon.34 Producing cellulosic ethanol – a new technology just beginning to develop its potential – costs more than producing ethanol from corn. However, the cost to produce cellulosic ethanol will go down as the industry implements new technologies and efficiencies.

Ethanol lowers your gas mileage.
It’s true that ethanol contains less energy than gasoline, but for vehicles using E10, the lower energy content of ethanol does not adversely affect fuel efficiency. E85-fueled cars experience about a 17 to 25 percent decrease in mileage, depending on speed and terrain.

Concerns about the fuel efficiency of higher-blend ethanol can be overcome. Although ethanol has less energy per gallon than gasoline, its octane rating is higher than gasoline’s, which can counterbalance its lower energy content when blended in higher concentrations. Octane measures a fuel’s ability to resist premature ignition of the compressed fuel and air mixture. Using a higher octane fuel allows engines to have higher compression ratios, which increase the engine’s thermal efficiency. As a result, an engine designed with a higher compression ratio can be far more efficient than a gasoline engine. Improvements in flex-fuel vehicle engine design, such as direct fuel injection, and engines with variable compression capability, which takes advantage of ethanol’s specific characteristics, can also improve flex-fuel vehicle mileage. A prototype car engine recently developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology uses injections of ethanol into a car’s cylinders to increase the combustion efficiency. The result is a 30 percent increase in miles per gallon.35

New techniques make biofuel creation easier and less polluting, more efficient:


New techniques also allow using other biomass than oils for biodiesel:


- Cellulosic Ethanol (ie, woodchips, grass, any plant material):


- Sewage, algae (any biomass at all):


Excellent general primers and news sites on biofuels:







"He swings a ragged leg forward to take a step into the street. Left knee locks on contact of once red high-tops with rain-soaked pavement. He pitches forward on the useless limb with a pitiful cry and lands on his face like several bags of trash dropped carelessly from a second story window. I draw closer. Pigeons break free of orange peels and shreds of plastic bags. Shake coffee grounds off their mottled wings and begin to pick for food among the remains. As I approach I see a few coke cans under wet pieces of the mound. These I grab: a nickel apiece. A cat watches from under a rusting '76 Pacer wagon. Time to move on. "


Others are mostly semi-technical gibberish:
1-2 [152] 0/bassline
3-6 [149] steady
7-10 [150]
11-14 [149] steady
15-18 [148]
19-22 [151] choppy bassline

And so forth.

I think it's a quick reference list for patterns from my old DR-660 drum machine, but I'm not sure.

Others are clearly poetry or lyrics or something:

"Leave my mark
on this world
slow bruise spreading
like spilled ink
left unchecked
a signature
like a sledgehammers kiss"

"I know you only did
what you thought you had to
from your virus eye view:

I am. I am here, here in the world.
The world of paths; ever present, ever branching
smaller and further."

More as I feel like typing it in...

US Politics as BASIC

10 - Morons vote in Republicans.
20 - They break capitalism again by gutting watchdog and regulatory agencies.
30 - They start wars they don't pay for.
40 - They give tax breaks to the people that need them least.
50 - Tax revenue drops like a rock, services have to be cut, government unable to fulfil its duties.

REM aka, Starving the Beast

60 - Everything goes to shit.
70 - They get voted out.

80 - More shit happens as a result of their policies, that they then blame on Dems.
90 - Dems make things worse by having no spines and general bumbling.

GoTo 10

...... RUN

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